COVID-19 has resulted in significant disruption in international delivery movements. Some international services may not be available, and all international shipments will be significantly delayed.

However, shipping to Hong Kong from Korea is much faster than even other Asian countries.

Now, December 2020, January 2021, it takes about 3~4 weeks for economy shipping to Hong Kong.

It takes about 7~10weeks to Malaysia, Singapore now.


Buy more than 47$ we send you free economy shipping to Hong Kong.

If you want speed fast delivery(FedEx or EMS) it will cost about 35$ for 3pairs.


We seek your understanding during this difficult time globally.


You can choose one of delivery option from below,

  1. Free economy shipping without tracking No.   Very slow
  2. Economy shipping with tracking No.                     Slow
  3. EMS                                                                               FAST


Example of tracking results (2. Economy shipping with tracking No.)

About 3weeks

About 3weeks


About 4weeks

About 4weeks